9.28.17   Hotel Albatross   Seattle, WA

9.29.17   Vagabond Brewery   Salem, OR

9.30.17   Axe & Fiddle   Cottage Grove, OR

10.3.17   Hotel Utah   San Francisco, CA

10.5.17   Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay with The Mavericks   San Diego, CA

10.6.17   The Regent Theater with The Mavericks   Los Angeles, CA

10.9.17   The Pike   Long Beach, CA

10.10.17   Silver Lake Lounge   Los Angeles, CA

10.16.17   The Green Room   Flagstaff, AZ

10.20.17   Mine Shaft Tavern   Madrid, NM

10.21.17   Front Range BBQ   Colorado Springs, CO

10.25.17   Off Broadway with Junior Brown   Saint Louis, MO

10.27.17   Barley Street Tavern   Omaha, NE

10.29.17   The Bluebird Cafe   Nashville, TN